Like a lot of people I wanted to make a positive change in my health and wellbeing but I was always terrified of the gym. I couldn't ignore the signs any longer and plucked up all the courage I could and booked myself in to meet a Club Lime PT. It couldn't have been a better match. Bec put me at ease with her warm nature and I was so impressed with her professional but open demeanour. Inspired by her own fitness journeys it encouraged me to take the leap and book a session. Bec has always listened to what I needed and I am someone who needs accountability.Feeling free in a nonjudgmental environment, feeling stronger and the encouragement Bec gives me when I hit goals I didn’t know my soft lil marshmallow body could achieve.I am feeling stronger and really enjoying the sense of achievement I feel.We have a lot of fun in our sessions and they are always different.

Laura S


I started PT for the same reason most people do: to gain muscle and strength, tone down, and overall feel better about myself physically and mentally. There aren’t many reasons why I will get out of bed at 5am, but Bec is one of them. Bec made me feel comfortable at the gym, a place I used to dread and fear, I am no longer scared of the gym.

Bec is incredibly knowledgeable, explaining all the exercises in depth, not just showing me how to do them. Her goal isn’t for me to rely on her, her goal is to get me to be my own motivation and give me the skills and courage to train on my own. She knows exactly how hard to push me and how my body worked from just a few sessions and has never once made me feel bad for not being ridiculously fit. She has taught me lots of exercises I can do on my own so that I can continue my fitness journey in my own time, however I always look forward to my session with Bec.”

Miki W


I had always enjoyed going to the gym and participating in classes but I never really knew what I was doing and if I was doing it right, never managing to hit targets that I set myself. When I started with Bec in 2019 she taught me how to correctly do exercises, why we do certain exercises and how to finally achieve my goals. I have never felt stronger and more motivated with my health and fitness than I have with Bec by my side. Bec has been so good with truly understand my limits and knowing when to push me that I have achieved many of my goals for the year and increased my personal bests. Every session is something new and I would highly recommend Bec!

Juia M



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